Selecting Your Venue
Answer these important questions when venue-hunting!

November 9, 2022by Sofía Acosta

A venue captures the identity of your event. It is the core of your celebration. When you walk into the space for the 1st time you should be able to envision yourself fully emersed in your event: happy and excited, knowing deep down that the venue captures the essence of your vision.

Baja California Sur is known as one of the most stunning event destinations in the world. The weather is consistently beautiful day in and day out which allows for the majority of venues to be outdoors. With an average of 10 days of rainfall a year, you’ll love the diversity of venues that Los Cabos can provide.

There are lots of things to consider when you’re deciding what type of venue is the best fit. Answering these four questions can help you to narrow down the options:


  1. Overall Aesthetic

Wide open beach, lush and green, romantic hacienda, modern and minimal.

This question is straight forward and is a huge help in identifying your venue. Don’t over think it! Your event is an extension of who you are, if your favorite room in your house is modern and minimal then head that direction!


  1. Do you want your event in one location or multiple?

This question defines the overall flow and movement of your event.

You might want to have your ceremony & cocktail on the beach and then move to an organic farm for dinner and dancing.

Take into consideration the timeline and how your guests will move from one venue to another. Vendors such as the photographer and videographer will also need to take the travel time into consideration in their quote.

This could be a great fit if you love a big reveal and to keep your guests guessing.


  1. Impact on your Budget?

It’s important to know the cost of each space you intend to use. If you already answered the second question and want to have more than one venue, you need to know the fees associated with each venue. Confirm if there is a flat venue fee or a minimum consumption that must be met for food and beverage, or a combination of the two.  Make sure you allocate venue fees and minimums appropriately in your Budget.


  1. How late do you want to party?

The cut-off time for amplified music at the majority of venues in Los Cabos is 10:00 pm or 11:00 pm. If dancing till dawn is high on your list of priorities, you’ll want to focus on venues that allow you to go later. Make sure to ask about additional fees associated with extending past their normal curfew.

If your venue has a separate place for “Late Night”, take into consideration décor costs of an additional venue and how that affects your budget for rentals, florals and music.

Being straight forward and up front with your planner will allow you to have an exciting and realistic venue-hunting experience.

Our goal is to be able to guide our clients through the venue selection process by knowing their needs and helping them prioritize: aesthetic, budget, number of events, venue resources (lighting, banquet furniture, place settings), set-up timelines, food & beverage, cut-off time and venue restrictions.

After prioritizing your list and identifying your top 2-4 options it’s time to come and walk the spaces in person. Nothing can replace walking the venue to truly feel the flow of your day and how your guests will experience it. You’ll know it when you walk a venue and it checks all the right boxes!!

Remember that having fun and enjoying the process is crucial. Ask any and all questions that come to mind because the venue is a vital part of the whole experience.

– Stay tuned for the next blog. We’ll dive into the details of some of the amazing venues Los Cabos has to offer!