Welcome to the
authentic ACRE!
Modern Oasis
in the Baja Desert

December 5, 2022by Sofía Acosta

Photo by @romanalilac

Venue blog #1 is focused on a venue who’s known to be different from rest because of its lush abundant landscaping, roaming peacocks and modern architecture. At Acre Baja, you’ll find yourself in 25 acres of desert oasis and will be able to feel the hip vibes in its unique event spaces, both big and small. This venue is a fan-favorite that has you covered in every way possible. If you are a Foody or Mixology focused you have found your Shangri-La.

Located in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo in an area called Las Animas, ACRE began as a restaurant and bar, and evolved into what it is today: a place of relaxation, where you can disconnect from the world (with a delicious cocktail in hand) by the pool or in a treehouse, and a one-of-a-kind venue to celebrate your events for 2 to 200!!

ACRE is also known to be a sanctuary to help with the rehabilitation and socialization of different animals in which guests are encouraged to interact with them. You’ll find dogs, pigs, peacocks, pygmy goats, and their famous donkeys in their animal designated area.

Venue 1:

The Mezcal Lounge is a tiled patio area available for 20 people, it’s ideal for private dining, parties and elopement weddings. It is also a perfect pairing with Lover’s Lawn for cocktail hour with a built-in bar and room for a small lounge and a couple cocktail tables.

Venue 2:

The Jungle Table can entertain up to 14 guests. It has an artesian concrete table that doesn’t move, so keep that in mind when deciding if this venue is for you. With rentals and florals your planner can help you create a unique and unbelievable event in this space. It’s perfect to pair with Lovers Lawn and Mezcal Lounge for an intimate wedding of 14 or less.


Venue 3:

The Peacock Lawn. This area is best suited for larger events and can welcome up to 300 people give or take. Design wise, this spot is a great canvas to build whatever you want, and the privacy allows you to enjoy your event without curious eyes.  You’ll often find the Acre Peacocks among your guests ready for an Instagram moment to be captured.





Venue 4:

The Blue Room is known to host culinary experiences thanks to the open kitchen that allows guest to interact with the chef while they taste globally inspired dishes. 36 people can be seated comfortably here for dinner. It can be utilized for cocktail hour, dinner rehearsal or for private cooking classes. You’ll be in the best hands with executive chef Jesus Gibaja!

Photo by @romanalilac

Venue 5:

The Mango Orchard is an open-air space surrounded by mango trees and completely tiled in handmade tile. It is the crown jewel of ACRE and can host up to 300 guests. This venue has limitless potential for you to design any type of event and take it to the next level.

Photo by @romanalilac

Venue 6:

The Rooftop Terrace is an open-air terrace with private bar area above the ACRE cocktail-bar. The terrace offers incredible views of the Sierra La Laguna mountains and the tops of the palm trees and can welcome 50 people seated or 80 people standing. Imagine having your rehearsal dinner watching the sunset over the mountain range in the midst of a desert oasis!


Venue 7:

The Lovers Lawn offers a green space perfect for elopements and micromonies. It is a beautiful and private green lawn surrounded by palm trees. This venue can accommodate 40 people and pairs with the private dining venues seamlessly for an unforgettable experience for your guests.

The Client’s wish list is important to ACRE and they work with them to curate and customize their events. You can combine different event and dining spaces in a way that best suits you. No matter what type of event you are planning, this venue will exceed your expectations!