The Power of Love:
The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation Annual Gala

April 4, 2024by Sofía Acosta

A Magical Evening of Generosity and Impact

The seventeenth of February marked an extraordinary gathering at Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort, as a group of influential decision-makers and successful individuals joined forces for a shared mission — raising substantial funds to enhance the health and wellness of children and adolescents in Baja California Sur. Dedicated to community contributions, the Lynette Dow Events team took pride in their role during this impactful process, donating time, volunteering, and actively participating in the planning to ensure the night’s success.

At the heart of this philanthropic endeavor stands the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to delivering essential health programs for the region’s youth. Since its establishment in 2002, fueled by Tom Walsh’s genuine commitment to aiding children in Los Cabos, the foundation has positively impacted the lives of 85,000 children and young adults.

The recent fundraiser unfolded as a captivating evening hosted at one of Los Cabos’ premier resorts. Attendees engaged in auctions featuring exclusive experiences, including a private dinner with Javier Plascencia, a trip to Italy, a four-night stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle with VIP tickets to the Earth Wind and Fire concert, and various other unique experiences.

The event kicked off with cocktails and delightful tapas during the silent auction, creating the perfect atmosphere for the main event down at Calypso Terrace, offering a picturesque view of the ocean. The enchanting ambiance was heightened by a performance from “The Twins,” a live local band, which sustained the celebratory and generous spirit of the evening.

As the night progressed, families took the stage to share heartfelt testimonials, describing the transformative impact of the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation’s generosity.

The culmination was a memorable evening, with donations totaling an impressive almost 2,300,000 dollars — funds poised to continue changing the lives of countless children.