The Famous Flora Farms
Enchanted Garden meets 5-star service

December 29, 2022by Sofía Acosta

Venue blog #2 will take you to Las Animas once again. This time, prepare to be marveled by Flora Farms. This venue is a 25-acre property in which you’ll find a working organic farm! It is as magical as it sounds. As soon as you enter, you’ll be drawn in by the idyllic garden setting: see a family of geese strolling by, feed the turtles and fish in the spring fed pond, and stroll through the gardens full of vegetables, herbs, papaya trees and mangos, while a sunset is serenely waning in the mountain horizon.

Flora Farms will bring you a sense of tranquility and calmness to provide a respite from the busy world that we contend with on a daily basis.

If you would like a space to get ready on-site you can contact the Flora-Farms Spa and request information for reserving the spa for the day.

Tucked in behind the main restaurant is a private dining area call the Potting Shed.  It’s cozy cottage vibes draw you in and you get the sense of being snuggled into a enchanted garden. It comes with picnic tables and benches or you can bring in rentals that compliment your overall design. This charming space can seat up to 40 guests comfortably. It’s wonderful for a Milestone Celebrations, Corporate Dinners or Rehearsal Dinners.

The Mango Grove is a private venue separate from the bustling restaurant, in which you can also celebrate every type of milestone moment. The Mango Grove will allow you to feel a unique connection with nature with its meandering walks through the mango trees, pristine grass lawns, and a crystal-clear sky that transforms into a night of twinkling lights and stars. During the months of June, July and Aug the mango trees will be bursting with fruit. It is a fully-equipped venue with a dedicated kitchen and private bathrooms. Your guests will receive 5-star service from the staff that will guarantee an incredible experience for everyone in attendance. They have 10 rectangular wooden tables and 100 cross back chairs that can be used for events or you can identify rental company with your planner based on your design concept.

The Mango Grove has different areas available for you depending on the size of your party and your overall flow. You can use as many or as few as you like, only 1 event is hosted per day and the venue fee that it paid ensures that the Grove is private for you and your guests.

If your group is under 75, you can dance in the barn under the huge chandelier adorned to exemplify your design. If you have a larger group, the dancing can take place under the famous tree or on the grass under the tent of fairy lights. This decision can be discussed and chosen during the planning process and will depend on the overall layout and flow you have in mind. Remember the importance of talking to the planner about your desires and how you envision your event!

If your group is over 75, the barn is the ideal option for the bar and will attract your guest to a central point. You can decorate the chandelier and have a few cocktail tables inside for guests to use as they wait for another delicious signature cocktail.

There are a couple other areas inside The Mango Groove like the famous Tree, ideal for cocktail hour. But it has also been used for ceremony or dinner under the lights, with tables surrounding the big tree. Hang some lanterns, use it as a central point for lounge or even as a natural structure for florals!

When it comes to food & beverage in The Mango Groove all meals for private events are served Family Style and the protein options will be roasted chicken, raised on the farm and fresh catch, caught locally from the Sea of Cortez. You’ll be able to make selections for cocktail appetizers, 1st course, seasonal sides and dessert table but there is no menu tasting before the event. You’ll receive the seasonal menu 6 – 8 weeks prior to your event and you can be absolutely certain it will be fresh and organic.

Picture your celebration surrounded by your loved ones, on a perfect Cabo afternoon, the sun setting in the mountains and the twinkling lights appearing at the end of night, grass between your toes as you kick off your shoes to dance the night away.


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This venue is a true gem!