Goncanseco: If these walls could talk
Unique and Beautiful Venue in the Heart of Historic San Jose

January 18, 2023by Sofía Acosta


We know we’ve told you that Los Cabos venues are priceless and breathtaking. Goncanseco is no different. In the heart of San Jose, nestled behind the walls of the public Plaza, Goncanseco is a historic hidden gem that’s been converted into an amazing, traditional event venue.

The story begins in the 1920’s, when the venue was actually a store owned by a native family named Gonzalez Canseco. “Almacenes Goncanseco”, the original name for the store, was used for the importation of goods such as cheese, meat, and cars.

Over a hundred years later, Goncanseco is still owned by the same family that eventually decided to renovate the property, working to ensure that the venue retained its authenticity and charm. If you want an authentic Mexican feel for your Private Event or Wedding it truly doesn’t get any better than this.

The backdrop of the venue provides a beautiful canvas in Earth tones and layers of texture, and the distribution of the various venues will enhance the experience of any event. The in-house lighting and greenery brings the space to life but allows you to incorporate any aesthetic design that you have envisioned.




There is a selection of furnishings that can be incorporated into your event depending on your design including: chairs, side and cocktail tables, bars and barbacks. You will need to select a catering company with your planner who can advise about place setting, bar service and food selections.

There is a private parking and security onsite with plenty of space for vendor parking and transportation companies to pick-up guests at the end of the night.

Centrally located and minutes away from San Jose’s Resort Row and also Puerto Los Cabos, there are many options for room blocks that will be less than 10 minutes of transportation for your guests.

Goncanseco is a venue full of history and memories that awaits for you to continued crafting more.