Curator of Memories

September 25, 2022by Sofía Acosta

We all know that events come with lots of decisions, timelines, and questions. Obstacles popping up are inevitable during the planning process, but for Lynette Dow the obstacle is not the focus, finding the solution is, and staying calm in stressful environments is where she thrives.

Lynette Dow Curator of memories

She knows how to get things done and does it with a positive mindset to identify and solve issues to mitigate stress the week of the event. Although event planning inherently comes with nerves, that is exactly what motivates her to execute her plan with precision.

Lynette describes herself as an idealist that works toward finding a balance between perfection and reality.

With almost a decade in designing and producing destination events in Baja California Sur, Mexico, Lynette came to the realization that she’s ready for her next big step: her own event company.

Lynette Dow Events was born with the necessity of pushing herself out of her comfort zone and making a choice to grow professionally. “It just felt like a natural step”, she said. One that meant trusting her gut.

It’s with excitement and joy that Lynette begins this journey of creating memorable events with future clients. When asked about the importance of creating memories she answers without hesitation

“is not the memory itself, it is the act of making it.
We want to take you back to the moment it was created.”

Getting to know her clients through candid conversation is how she begins to know them personally. She wants to know what they like, dislike, and their lifestyle. By getting to know them and their lives and families, she can find the right balance to elevate their event with unparallel and personalized service taking their vision, identifying the elements that make it unique, and helping them place it in a venue with vendors that can execute it flawlessly.

Attention to detail with beautiful and curated collaborations is what characterizes Lynette Dow Events. Ensuring that all vendors and venues work together as one big hard-working team whose purpose is to bring a vision to life and create lasting memories for her clients.